Remember Our Heritage in a Faithful God

Elder Louis Tan


1 September 2022

At the start of 2022, during our Dawn Prayer, Senior Pastor Tony Yeo shared with the Church Board from Isaiah 51:1-8 (ESV). 

Specifically, Isaiah 51:1 says:

“Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness,
    you who seek the Lord:
look to the rock from which you were hewn,
    and to the quarry from which you were dug.

This was at the time when God spoke to the Senior Pastors and Church Board about the need to restart our Seed Fund Faith Journey after a pause due to the COVID pandemic, and to renew our efforts to seek God for a more permanent home for our East Congregation. This verse was significant to me as it was one of the anchor verses for our ACK Centre property journey. 

Thinking back, at one of the Dawn Prayers, the Church Board together with Ps Edmund Chan who was then our Senior Pastor, were seated at the corner coffee shop at Lavender Street, opposite the CT Hub site. We were seeking God and sharing about what He had deposited in our hearts for ACK Centre. 

That morning, Ps Edmund Chan shared that in his daily reflections, God had already spoken to him in the preceding weeks through Isaiah 51:1. This verse reminded us to remember our heritage in God, and God’s track record for Covenant EFC. This same God, who had led Covenant EFC through our Bukit Panjang and Woodlands Centres’ journeys, would once again lead us into ACK Centre to provide a home for our production and training facilities, and office. It was a reminder that the God who had provided for us in the past property journeys was able to supply our needs more abundantly than what we could ask or think. 

Indeed, our God provided us with all that was needed — not only to purchase ACK Centre, but also the approval of the authorities to move into the premises in 2015.

Isaiah 51:2 goes on to encourage the Israelites to remember Abraham and Sarah. Although this couple was barren and aged, yet God was able to multiply them into a great nation as He promised. God is indeed faithful, a Promise-Keeper. He brought this couple from barrenness to fruitfulness, to fulfill His covenantal promise to them. 

As we continue in our Seed Fund Faith Journey, may this verse serve as an encouragement to us. We are called to remember our heritage in God and His promises to us. The God who has led us through the past property journeys will again lead us in the current Seed Fund Faith Journey. However, we do need to “listen” to Him and “seek” Him, as the beginning of this verse reminds us. 

Do pray alongside with our Senior Pastors, the Church Board and the Property Committee, that we will constantly listen and seek Him on our journey. Pray for God’s timing and purpose to be accomplished in this journey. 

We invite all Covenanters to come along and join this journey as a church family, to seek God and listen to Him as He leads you to support and contribute to His work of building His Church!