Frequently Asked Questions

To answer this, we need to have a proper eschatological understanding of the end-days and what will happen when Jesus returns.

Firstly, when Jesus returns, the earth will not be destroyed and replaced by something else. Instead, it will be restored and renewed. When the Bible speaks of a new heaven and a new earth when Jesus returns (2 Pet 3:12-13; Rev 21:2), the Greek word for ‘new’ used is not ‘neo’ (which means new in time, completely new) but ‘kainos’ (which means something that is qualitatively new or restored). Therefore, the passages are not alluding to a heaven and earth that are destroyed and then replaced by heaven and earth that will be newly created. Instead, they are both speaking of the current heaven and earth passing from one condition to another (parachomai), and being qualitatively renewed (kainos) to their full glory.

Based on this understanding then, what we do on earth now, matters. As Christians, we are often reminded to bless the communities where we live (Phil 2:15; Col 4:5–6; 1 Thess 4:11–12; Tit 2:9–10). Hence, the work we do now, the relationships we build now, and the places we grow roots in now will continue on in a glorified manner when Jesus returns.

The Board has been authorised by a resolution passed during AGM 2019 to acquire and purchase a property for a sum not exceeding $40m, which includes cost of land purchase, construction, renovations and other necessary expenses.

Following the successful balloting of the land in Sengkang, this $40m Seed Fund will be channelled solely for the use of Covenant Sengkang, including the purchase price of the land and the remaining to be used for construction and other purposes as stated above.

The $40m Seed Fund will be used only for Covenant Sengkang. The funds needed for BPJ Centre’s lease renewal and A&A will be from a separate source that comprises saved and invested funds from past years of church surpluses. Hence, there will likely be no fundraising needed for BPJ Centre’s lease renewal and A&A.

Our heart is always towards serving and outreaching to the community that we are located in. The land in Sengkang is situated amidst diverse socio-economic surroundings which provides many opportunities for us to do so. A Covenant Sengkang Building Committee has been set up to look into the building plans.