Seed Fund Faith Journey is a Discipleship Calling to Build His Church

Covenant EFC’s Seed Fund Faith journey started in 2018 during the church’s 40th anniversary. It aimed to raise $40 million to help Covenant EFC build infrastructure and capacity needs as we grow our IDMC movement through authentic discipleship and intentional disciplemaking. 

As we prepare to meet King Jesus, our discipleship calling is to build His Church. We are called to love and serve His people. The Seed Fund will enable us to anchor our presence strongly in the community, so that we can reach out and serve them better. 

Three Key Pillars of the Seed Fund Faith Journey: 

We are led by the Lord

The Lord has led us through over 40 years of His faithfulness and goodness. Today, the same God is leading us. While the Seed Fund Faith Journey has been disrupted due to the pandemic, in the past few months, the church leadership have sensed a clear leading of the Lord to resume this faith journey now. 

Joshua 1:9 reminds us, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” 

We act neither according to our own desires and intellect, nor with fear and hesitation. Our posture remains as one constantly seeking the Lord and being sensitive to His guidance and wisdom. 

We stand together as a Covenant family

As the Lord leads, we are called to stand together as a Covenant church family to journey on. We must follow the footsteps of those who have run before us in building Bukit Panjang (BPJ) and Woodlands (WDL). Both centres have now become a safe base, a home for us. We now enjoy the fruits of the labour of our forerunners, and many of us who have faithfully and obediently built His church. 

As a family, we must now find a more permanent home for our East congregation. Since planting our first seed in the East in 2016, the congregation has grown from 250 to close to 1,000 members now. We praise the Lord for this! We now need to give them a greater sense of permanency to allow them to anchor and integrate strongly in the community — to further grow and bless! 

Beyond this, we have been blessed with the ability to complete recent renovations at WDL Centre to  better cater to the youths and children, as well as, to make ready funds for other A&A and building projects for BPJ and WDL Centres in the coming years. 

We are future-ready and forward-thinking

Our mission is to win souls, change lives and send workers, as we anchor ourselves in our 3 Faith Exploits: Discipling the Generations, Discipling Singapore and Discipling the Nations. 

As we become future-ready, we are building “a church without walls”. Our physical buildings are created to be more community-oriented to allow for integration of services and spaces for the children, youths and silver generation. Our worship centres double up as community services and ministry spaces, through various efforts including New Life Community Services. 

We are also adopting a dual physical-and-digital  strategy where there are spaces for non-substitutable in-person interactions, and a base for content creation and outreach through the digital world.