“It’s Not Much, but It’s Yours”

Jonathan Goh


6 July 2022

As we prayed about the Seed Fund, we were led to give an amount that was very large for us. Though it wasn’t emptying our accounts, it left us with very little savings.

I was the sole breadwinner and not earning very much. My monthly salary wasn’t enough to cover my family’s monthly expenses, and we had to get by through the savings from my year-end bonus. Right around that time, we decided to terminate some of my insurance policies so that we can have more savings and not be so tight financially. I had initially thought that if God required it of us, I would give to the building fund the amount I would save from that. However, God impressed on my heart a bigger amount.

We decided to obey. Though we were living from month to month now, God has blessed us much. We no longer have to buy clothes and toys for my kids. We have been blessed with so many hand-me-downs from friends and neighbours that we don’t have enough space at home to keep them. We even had to decline some of the blessings that came our way! I have just received my bonus letter. I’m glad that we now have some savings to tide us through another year.

I am grateful for the reminder of how faithful God is. Since then, He has blessed us even more and we aren’t too financially constrained. We are praying for this new round of seed funding for His Kingdom!

Jonathan Goh
East Centre
June 2022