Growth Comes from God

Senior Pastors and Elder-Designate Tony Tan


27 October 2019

This heartbeat is part of a series that was first published in the church bulletin when Covenant EFC embarked on our Seed Fund Faith Journey.

“Take possession of the land…” – Deuteronomy 11:8

Emmanuel Christian Fellowship (ECF) with 17 pioneers entered Ghim Moh estate in 1978. Forty years have passed. God blessed the founding leaders with Rev Glen Whitmore and Rev Edmund Chan. They moved from homes to restaurants to 721 Bukit Timah to SLF auditorium and Regal cinema. They grew from 17 to 350 holding worship service at Fairfield Methodist Church while waiting to enter the BPJ land.

We entered the BPJ land in September 2000. Nineteen years have passed. God blessed us with growth from 350 people to 3,195 (average worship attendance in September 2019).

We entered the WDL land in August 2008. Eleven years have passed. God also blessed us with growth from 500 people to 2410 (average worship attendance in September 2019).

East Centre was planted in November 2016. Now close to three years, God also blessed us with growth from 250 people to 872 (average worship attendance in September 2019).

Total growth and blessings from God: 6,477. Numbers may not mean much. But translate them into lives won, lives changed and lives sent in the name of Jesus, then the impact is infinite in eternity! Consider the 5,284 registered delegates in the 2019 IDMC Conference: 276 churches; 18 countries.

Consider the IDMC movement in Asia and beyond through our missions work and IDMC Global Alliance. One church with multiple centres, a thriving local and global IDMC movement — such blessings can only come from God and we are but stewards of His great calling!

There is a price to pay — Jesus paid it with His own life. The 12 disciples also paid it with their own lives. The early Church fathers and members were persecuted and martyred for Jesus. Over the last 2,000 years of Gospel advance, no work of God is ever done without sacrifice. Today, Covenant EFC is where it is through the sacrifices of faithful men and women of God, in their tireless service and generous giving to the cause of Christ.

As shared last month, we have found a potential piece of property in the East. All due diligence is currently being done. The “land” is indeed a good one, situated in a quiet location yet fully integrated into the central hub of an HDB town centre where residents converge for daily necessities and activities. Over the past three months, the Church Board, Staff Team and Lay Leaders have been holding prayer walks around the town centre and the property. After three years of seeking His will, we believe the Lord has led us clearly to take possession of the land!

We have a simple conviction: Whatever God leads us to do, He will provide. The resources are already available. If everyone will pray and participate as God has blessed us, I am confident we can raise the remaining of the 40M Seed Fund rather quickly. Will you participate in this great move of God through Covenant EFC?