God Works In Ways Unknown



22 April 2024

During the Seed Fund faith journey call some time back in late 2022, I was filled with hesitance to contribute due to my limited finances. I have been working in a church-affiliated charity and my savings have been gradually depleted.  However, I obeyed the exhortation from the Seed Fund Committee Chairman to pray as God leads us. 

As I prayed, God impressed upon me a sum of figure to pledge.  I shared it with my wife to her surprise.  Knowing our financial situation, she questioned my ability to fulfil this pledge and quickly reprimanded me when I sheepishly told her that it was a pledge, which will not be “monitored”. 

A few months later in early 2023, there was sudden surge of whatsapp conversations among my former colleagues from the corporate company which I used to work in.  They shared about an attempt of a hostile takeover of the company resulting in a significant increase in share prices.  I remembered then that I still hold some stock options and excitedly shared this news with my wife.  She reminded me to fulfil my pledge immediately. 

What an unexpected turn of events!  Once again, this reaffirmed my belief in divine provision. God’s work comes with His providence and only requires simple obedience on my part. 

All glory be to God!

*Writer prefers to remain anonymous